There is great wisdom in this quote. I don't know who should get the credit for it, but its meaning is deep and powerful. As women, we tend to connect in a variety of ways, communication being perhaps the most significant. But what we communicate is more important than we often realize. Whatever we place out attention on, whatever we think about often, imagine and play out in the mind, whatever we talk about with others (or in our own heads) grows and becomes more powerful as a result of the attention we give it. That's great when the object of our attention is positive, but when it's a replay of something negative from the past, the energy we give it with our thoughts, words, memories, and images simply keeps it alive. That's why, in some support groups, members don't grow beyond the trauma of the past because they continue re-living it.

Focus on what you DO want, not on what you don't want. And move forward toward the life you can choose to create.
We know, it's not your face, it's the other end of your lovely self!  And every bit as important and powerful as your face because your feet have pressure points for every one of your internal organs, and gentle massage helps to stimulate their healthy function.  This effective foot massage mat not only shows where each of the pressure points is located, it provides an easy way to offer frequent gentle massage to help ensure a strong, healthy body and better sleep. Remember, your body is a temple;  you gotta take care of the temple- it's where your spirit lives!
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