Guided Meditation

Learn more about the SoulSpeak Guided Meditation Program, and what we will offer on a regular basis to assist you to explore your own spiritual nature and the depths of your own wisdom while creating an inner path to peace and well-being.

Easy Meditation for People with Busy Lives, Busy Schedules, and Busy Minds

 Meditation is a powerful tool for creating greater peace, more clarity, and an internal alignment that allows for better choices and a more successful life.  If you think meditation isn't for you because you don't have time and you can't quiet your thoughts, this simple meditation process is for you! 

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You have at least one spirit guide who is present with you at all times, ready to help and to guide in any situation. Meeting your spirit guide can allow you to feel that connection and to call on your guide for whatever assistance you need. This meditation takes you to a special meeting place where you and your guide can have time together and strengthen your awareness of this spiritual entity and the help and guidance that are available to you.