Face of the Divine Feminine handmade candle

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This unique handmade and hand-painted candle represents the many faces of the beauty, wisdom, and power of the Divine Feminine.  Notice the serenity of this lovely face, and the power that eminates from the piece.  Grace any room with the energy of this-one-of-a-kind candle and remember the wisdom and power women carry.  You and every woman you know are expressions of the Divine!

Each candle is handmade by women with disabilities who are being trained to create beautiful items in order to support themselves and their families while bringing beauty into the lives of others. These women receive money for each piece they create, and this assists them to create a better quality of life for themselves and their families. Every candle is then hand-painted by a professional artist whose intuitive insights bring an authenic touch to the beauty of each piece. approximately 5.9 inches tall (15 cm) and 3.7 inches wide (9.5 cm) .

Retail value $55.95, but for SoulSpeak only $48.95 with FREE SHIPPING 

Because each candle is handmade and painted, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.  Due to the unique nature of each piece, there may be small and barely discernible differences from the photo.

Note the candle comes in 3 styles - light-skinned face (1st image), dark-skinned face ( 2nd image), and Asian face (3rd image). Learn more about the organization that trains and educates these remarkable woman artisans at  https://socialempowerment.org/